Friday, September 5, 2008

JustRite stampers

Ok.. I am in LOVE! Courtesy of Rach (of course) I bought all but one set of the JustRite Stampers products ( Well for the last 3 weeks they have been running a challenge on their blog to enter kreations each day for the chance to various prizes. Of course having hurt my back I wasnt up to enter the first 2 weeks, but I sure as heck had a ton of ideas of projects. I finally felt well enough this week to enter. Below are 4 of the 5 projects I entered, with 3 having won honorable mention (although I am not entirely sure which 3 besides the calendar) and one of my products was actually picked to be a feature on their blog (THANK YOU!!). I am glad I entered, but more importantly to me, I finally did a few projects I have been wanting to do, but didnt have the mojo to get them done. Nothing like a little pressure to get my artst gerbil sprintin' in my little ol' head.. hahahaha

Here is the calendar (my favorite by far)... I have seen the advent calendars around and since my daughter started school, we are upping her chores. I believe it is important to teach a child that you have to earn things you want and that treats are saved for important things. Now I can fill her tin with anything from money to candy to small little treasures to "IOU" coupons for bigger things. Her rewards will be right in front of her face as incentive to do what she is suppose to and we will all be happy. Using the JustRite Small Letters the tins were easy-peasy to make and label. Being as how its going in my Mickey decorated kitchen I had to make it match...

Next is my new stamp organization system. I am out of room for more stamp sets, yet cant bear the thought of parting with any. I am tired of sorting through tons of boxes to find the "perfect stamp". I am over not being organized... I fixed it. Saves TONS of room, handy cards I can go through to quickly find the perfect stamp, easy findint what CD its in and with the JustRite Small Letters set I even have the name of the stamp set easily accessible. Best stamp organizing I have done. This was also the project that was featured on the blog!

Here are some note cards I made for Kirsten's teacher. I would much rather her spend her time with my daughter then make something cute when she wants to say something or thank someone for something. I am also working on stationary and actual thank you cards and a holder for all of it. (yes I will post the picture of the rest when I finish it all). But above all, every teacher deserves those special little somethings, after all they do basically raise your kid 32.5 hours a week...

And last but not least is my clean/dirty dishwasher thingy. I HATE opening the dishwasher and the little detergent holder is already open indicating the dishwasher has been opened since it was last run (which you would assume would mean it was unloaded and reloaded) yet the dishes "look" clean, as does the inside of the machine, but since I prewash my dishes as I put them in the sink... well you can see where that is headed.. Now the only obstacle in my way is training the hubby and kid to actually change the status... We shall see.. HAHAHA

(Editors Note: Yes I did cut the bottom row where it attaches to the Classic Wood Stamper of my bigger letter to be able to use them in the ring and they still work perfectly for everything else. And the dots are from one of the borders just using a marker to ink 1 (for the border) or 3 (for the clean/dirty divider) of the dots.)

Sorry this is such a long post, wanted to just combine it all... As for the 5th project I entered, well that will come on a later blog. Its way too important to me to group with these others... Til then... Shock your artsy gerbil into a sprint and have a kreative day!