Friday, January 30, 2009

Funkie Munkie

Yes I know.. Long overdue... But I took pictures of a bunch of stuff I have done lately and will be posting one project or card a day for a little bit...
There is a new local scrapbook store in town... FUNKIE MUNKIE SCRAPS... And I am now part of the Funkie Munkie Scraps Design Team ... and I am LOVIN it! It has brought my mojo back in full speed. For some reason I always do better when I have a purpose.
I love the ladies at FMS (Stephanie & Lisa). Stephanie is so nice and genuine. She is just FANTABULOUS! Lisa is AWESOME too. She is SOOO much like me. Its sooo nice to finally meet someone whos like a mirror of you. The store is great! They have so much of the "new" stuff that no one else carries and they are so open to finding out about even more stuff they can carry. They make me want to do as much as I can for them. I feel honored to be able to say I am on their design team.
I will also be doing classes for them. My first class is on Feb 22nd! I am going to be teaching the frame below (or at least that frame with the letters GNO for Girls Night Out). **You can really tell, but it is covered in glitter Mod Podge so it sparkles! *** You can check out their store website to see all the classes or projects they have available. They will be updating it regularly. You can even sign up for them from the luxury of your own couch!

Be sure to check out the Funkie Munkie Scraps Blog as well!